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galvanized steel wire ropegalvanized steel wire rope

metal cable from the small Bethlehem metal Corp. plant here lifts the elevator in the Eiffel Tower, supports the roof of Madison rectangular backyard, and prevents jets after they land on plane carriers.

quickly the plant's leading product will suspend the mile-long highway deck of the historical Brooklyn Bridge, a job plant officers hope will result in multiplied bridge rehabilitation business for the company's struggling Wire Rope Division.

The Lycoming County plant is making 500 a whole lot galvanized wire rope and related fittings to "re-string" the Brooklyn Bridge as part of a two-yr facelift for the 103-12 months-ancient structure spanning the East River between long island and Brooklyn. Shipments of the first lengths of cable are about to start.

Bridge cable is simply a small phase of the wire rope enterprise, in line with Barry Rhody, division president. but that may alternate as the nation's getting older bridges are slated for facelifts, and Rhody hopes respectable performance on the Brooklyn job will provide his division a pretty good shot at extra massive contracts.

The biggest markets for wire rope are mining, building and oil box gadget, he says. These activities are now depressed, leaving the 450-employee Williamsport plant operating at only about 55 % of potential. a couple of hundred employees are on layoff.

then again, the plant is not counted among the a couple of Bethlehem steel Corp. operations which are losing cash. Bethlehem steel doesn't demonstrate selected profit-loss figures for individual facilities, but the Williamsport plant "sustains itself," says the forty four-year-historical Rhody, a Muhlenberg college graduate and former controller of the company's steel neighborhood. "It isn't a money-losing operation."

Wire rope is a steel business time period for the rope-like product generally known as steel cable. Wire rope levels in thickness from 1/sixteenth of an inch, used for plane cable, to the 5 1/2 -inch-thick sizeable cable used in energy dredging machine.

hot-rolled metal rod from the company's Sparrows aspect, Md., plant is "drawn" or stretched to 6 times its size. The resulting wire is galvanized, or lined with zinc, and spun and twisted into seven-wire strands. Six of those strands are then spun and twisted once more around a center strand to make the so-known as seven-with the aid of-seven cable that could be used for the bridge job.

The cable is pre-stretched at the plant to get rid of on-web site sagging, and then is reduce to selected sizes needed on the bridge job. cast-steel eyelets are positioned over the ends of the complete rope and molten zinc ispoured into the neatly of the eyelet to hold the becoming in place.

The cable being made by way of Bethlehem metal will be attached to the suspension bridge's leading overhead guide cable, which is not being changed, and to the bridge deck. In all, about 37 miles of Bethlehem wire rope can be used on the venture.

Williamsport is one in all a few Bethlehem steel locations with labor agreements separate from the main United Steelworkers contract. through concessionary contracts in 1983 and 1984, union individuals gave up a complete of $three per hour in wages and benefits, in line with Chip Gamble, president of USW local 2499.

Hourly people at Williamsport now "practically have parity" with business employees at other plant life lined by using the master contract, Gamble says, and labor family members in Williamsport are "first rate." Gamble's native has about 330 at work and 370 on layoff.

One subject that strained labor family members in the past may additionally surface once again, despite the fact, as a result of Rhody says he's nonetheless considering the fact that the import of overseas wire rope items to round out his product line. One such product might possibly be small plane cable and certain kinds of distinctiveness wire rope.

Union leaders threatened to protest the imports in 1984 after they learned that Bethlehem metal was thinking of the stream. Engaged in a tough anti- import campaign themselves, business executives backed off and observed in July 1984 that buying Korean wire rope was now not a consideration.

however Rhody now says such a movement would make respectable experience. "the first resolution you're making is a sound business decision," he says, "then you definitely need to explain it to your work drive." Rhody is careful to assert that no rope has been imported, and no remaining resolution has been made.

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