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PVC Uncoated Steel WirePVC Uncoated Steel Wire
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MAX usa Corp. introduces purchase the usa licensed wire, TW898 usa, for its rebar tying equipment. 

MAX now has buy the united states certified tie wire available for their Rebar Tying tools. TW898 u . s . a . wire is melted, annealed and drawn in america and may be used with the MAX RB397, RB398, RB517 and RB518 Rebar Tying equipment. The TW898 u . s . is an uncoated steel tie wire. The TW898 united states of america is bought in an quite simply identifiable purple, white and blue box and the wire reels have been certainly labeled “US Made metal”. MAX buy the united states wire is largely accessible through concrete dealers right through North america and mill certificates can be found via MAX united states upon request.

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