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Hot Sell High Carbon Stainless Steel Spring Wire product factory High carbon spring steel wire Mainly For steel pipes, In quantity and as small as 1 meter in length , Thanks to cooperation with major steel mills,Stainless Steel Spring Wire we can guarantee the best price,Hot Sell Steel Wire you are free to place orders which are as large as 100,000 MT. Steel wire by lead feed, galvanized and then pull to the finished product of the process said after the first plating technology. The typical process flow is: steel wire - lead quenching - galvanized - drawing - finished steel wire. carbon steel flat wire The process of first plating and then drawing is one of the shortest process of galvanized steel wire drawing,Hot Sell Steel Wire which can be used for hot dip galvanizing or electric galvanizing. Hot dip galvanized after drawing is better than drawing after plating steel wire mechanical properties, electrical galvanized after drawing zinc layer compact resistance. The thin and uniform zinc layer can be obtained, which can reduce the consumption of zinc and reduce the load of galvanizing line.
Parameters of this high carbon spring steel wire

Surface Finish

Hot Dipped Galvanized

Electro Galvanized






Tensile Strength








Zinc Coating





1kg-800kg, both spool type and coil type


BS1442, BS1443

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