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Hot selling strand steel wire rope galvanized with low price Steel Wire Strand for Overhead Pole Line Hardware PC STRAND is mainly used for concrete structure,such as railway and highway, overhead crane construction, strand steel wire rope multi-floor industrial building and etc,Products have been widely applied to the major domestic rail,road,and construction PC strand consists of wires spun together in the same direction and with the same lay length.galvanized steel wire strand PC strand product contains 2-wire,Hot selling steel wire 3-wire and 7-wire strands. Low relaxation PC strand can be used for either prestressing or post-tensioning of concrete Phosphating process is a process of forming phosphate conversion film through chemical and electrochemical reactions.galvanized steel wire The phosphate conversion film formed is called phosphating film. The main purpose of phosphating is to protect the base metal from corrosion to some extent.
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Product Name
Galvanized Steel Stay Wire/Steel Wire Strand for Overhead Pole Line Hardware
Raw Material
SWRH 82B Wire Rod 
1 x 7 wire , Low Relaxation,High Tensile
Coil Weight
2.0-3.5 Tons/Coil ( or As Per Request )
Standard Export Package (Wrapped by steel strips, waterproof cloth sheet, fumigated wooden pallet)
Construction building, concrete bridge, dncrete sleeper, cement pipe.....
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