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do not assume that a grass hearth has broken the barbed wire on a fence.

that is the message of one Texas A&M AgriLife Extension provider specialist in Amarillo to ranchers who saw wildfire rip through their fenced grassland starting March 6.

"Fences are one of the most range trends often broken in fires," stated Dr. Ted McCollum, red meat cattle specialist in Amarillo."certainly burned picket posts and stays ought to be replaced. but the hurt to the barbed wire could be lower than it appears and one assumes.

"Having the skill to reuse the barbed wire from a fence after a grass hearth can reduce the restoration expenses for the landowner."

Dr. Steve Amosson, AgriLife Extension economist in Amarillo, estimated fencing may be the 2nd main price tied to the fires on the 480,000 acres burned. Estimating half should be repaired and half replaced, he observed the charge may be around $6 million to ranchers within the Texas Panhandle.

Amosson pointed out an estimated 975 miles of fence have been affected. To repair the fence, the cost is $2,500 per mile; to substitute the fence, the charge is $10,000 per mile.

"research offers suggestions ranchers can use to make choices regarding fences," stated Danny Nusser, AgriLife Extension regional application chief. "understanding that a fence is strong and repairs are enough can be beneficial in making not pricey choices."

analysis turned into performed via Oklahoma State university to determine the outcomes of grassland fires on barbed wire, he talked about. The analyze examined category 1, 12 1/2-gauge, double-strand barbed wire.

The wire changed into about 14 years historical when the study changed into conducted, McCollum explained. the entire wire examined in the look at originated from the equal lot at purchase. The fences had been developed from the wire 13-14 years earlier than the study. Samples of wire were gathered from these fences and unused wire from the normal buy lot that had been saved due to the fact that buy.

according to the analyze, wire gathered from the fences had been subjected to grass fires zero times, one time, two times or six instances right through the previous 13 years. These grass fires befell in the dormant season between February and April.

The unused wire and wire accumulated from the fences was examined for results of fire frequency on breaking strength and zinc coating final on the wire, McCollum stated.

"in this study, in comparison to the unused wire and wire from the fences that had now not been burned, the exposure to grass fire or the variety of instances the wire become exposed to fire didn't adversely have an effect on the breaking energy or zinc coating on the class 1, 12 1/2-gauge barbed wire," he referred to.

The breaking energy and zinc coating, which provides corrosion resistance, had been no longer distinct between the unused wire, or the wire from the fences that had been burned up to six instances the previous 13 years, McCollum pointed out.

"So, the analyze confirmed that grass fire did not have an effect on the breaking power, zinc coating or ductility of the wire," he observed. "After a fireplace, the galvanized surface of the wire is frequently stained or discolored. however, this should no longer be interpreted as failure of the coating or galvanization of the wire. This discoloration comes from iron-zinc alloy layers within the wire and doesn't symbolize a failure of the pure zinc coating on the wire."

McCollum talked about the researchers concluded that subjecting zinc-coated barbed wire to grass fires will now not cut back its provider life or its corrosion resistance.

"So there may be activities where they should substitute the fence, however they mustn't instantly expect that the wire has to be completely changed because of the grass fire," he spoke of.

citation: examine indicates wildfire doesn't harm barbed wire (2017, March 17) retrieved 4 September 2019 from

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