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The vigor line that electrocuted seven people fell because a unfastened clamp created sparks that burned and weakened the wire, an electrical engineering skilled told hearth investigators.

Roger Messenger, an electrical engineering professor at Florida Atlantic college, examined the clamp and the melted and charred is still of the downed wire Saturday. He blamed the accident on a faulty Florida energy & light Co. connection.

"I have no comment," FPL spokesman invoice Ellis noted in line with Messenger's conclusion. "as a result of the impending civil litigation, we will don't have any comment on the pursuits surrounding the tragedy."

Seven members of Troy Fulks' family, ranging in age from 7 months to forty four years, had been electrocuted March 23 when the 7,620-volt power line fell close their cellular domestic. They have been buried Saturday.

at the request of Palm beach County officials, Messenger examined the damaged wire and clamp with four investigators from the county hearth marshal's workplace, a mechanical engineering professor and two investigators known as in via a legal professional for the Fulks household.

The metal clamp, attached to a seven-strand energy line, curiously become free, Messenger noted. The free clamp created sparks that melted and weakened the wire unless it snapped, he stated.

"I don't feel there's any disagreement about that," referred to Messenger, a professor for 15 years who focuses on energy conservation and electrical safety.

The wire consisted of a strand of steel surrounded with the aid of six strands of aluminum. a few of the aluminum strands were melted via. Aluminum begins to soften when the temperature reaches 500 levels.

Polasek, an electrical engineer referred to as in via the family unit lawyer, noted the wire failure and the electrocutions could have been averted.

He spoke of infrared detectors could have been used to spot the sizzling clamp from the floor.

devices that may have stopped the existing from flowing through the damaged wire have been now not installed, besides the fact that children they're positioned on different strains in the area, Polasek mentioned.

Palm beach County fire Marshal Bob Bean said he expects Messenger to put up a written record later this week. Bean also observed he would focus on the investigation with the state legal professional's workplace, and he may also ask the state lawyer to subpoena FPL data and employees.

Bean said the utility has offered little cooperation and his investigators still try to meet with an FPL repairman who modified a fuse on the equal utility pole seven hours before the wire broke. FPL officers have not identified the repairman apart from to claim that he has 23 years' experience with the business.

"each time we ask to speak with him, we're informed he's out in poor health," Bean pointed out.

FPL officials instructed Bean their employee modified the fuse the use of a long pole whereas standing on the ground and had nothing to do with the later accident. The fuse in query become a few ft away from the clamp where the wire melted and broke and changed into connected to a distinct wire.

The fire marshal's investigation also has indicated that some electrical gadget within the Fulks' neighborhood turned into rusty and mandatory repair.

FPL is the state's largest utility. on the grounds that 1981, 53 individuals have died as a result of contact with FPL equipment, Florida Public carrier fee information show. Joe Jenkins, a fee supervisor, talked about his company has no jurisdiction to examine electrical accidents or to take disciplinary action if it is warranted.

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