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do not anticipate that a grass fire has damaged the barbed wire on a fence.

this is the message of one Texas A&M AgriLife Extension service specialist in Amarillo to ranchers who noticed wildfire rip via their fenced grassland beginning March 6.

"Fences are probably the most range tendencies frequently broken in fires," mentioned Dr. Ted McCollum, beef cattle expert in Amarillo."actually burned wooden posts and stays must get replaced. however the harm to the barbed wire may well be below it looks and one assumes.

"Having the skill to reuse the barbed wire from a fence after a grass fireplace can cut back the restoration costs for the landowner."

Dr. Steve Amosson, AgriLife Extension economist in Amarillo, estimated fencing can be the 2nd principal rate tied to the fires on the 480,000 acres burned. Estimating half can be repaired and half replaced, he referred to the cost may be round $6 million to ranchers within the Texas Panhandle.

Amosson noted an estimated 975 miles of fence had been affected. To restore the fence, the charge is $2,500 per mile; to change the fence, the can charge is $10,000 per mile.

"analysis offers tips ranchers can use to make selections concerning fences," referred to Danny Nusser, AgriLife Extension regional program leader. "understanding that a fence is reliable and repairs are satisfactory may be effective in making budget friendly decisions."

analysis was carried out by way of Oklahoma State tuition to determine the effects of grassland fires on barbed wire, he referred to. The analyze examined class 1, 12 1/2-gauge, double-strand barbed wire.

The wire turned into about 14 years ancient when the look at was conducted, McCollum explained. all of the wire examined within the look at originated from the same lot at buy. The fences were constructed from the wire 13-14 years earlier than the examine. Samples of wire have been collected from these fences and unused wire from the normal buy lot that had been saved due to the fact buy.

in response to the analyze, wire amassed from the fences had been subjected to grass fires zero instances, one time, two instances or six times during the previous 13 years. These grass fires befell within the dormant season between February and April.

The unused wire and wire accumulated from the fences turned into examined for consequences of fireplace frequency on breaking strength and zinc coating closing on the wire, McCollum talked about.

"during this look at, compared to the unused wire and wire from the fences that had no longer been burned, the publicity to grass fireplace or the number of instances the wire changed into uncovered to hearth did not adversely have an effect on the breaking energy or zinc coating on the class 1, 12 1/2-gauge barbed wire," he talked about.

The breaking strength and zinc coating, which gives corrosion resistance, were no longer different between the unused wire, or the wire from the fences that had been burned up to 6 times the previous 13 years, McCollum noted.

"So, the look at confirmed that grass fire didn't have an effect on the breaking power, zinc coating or ductility of the wire," he talked about. "After a fire, the galvanized surface of the wire is regularly stained or discolored. but, this may still no longer be interpreted as failure of the coating or galvanization of the wire. This discoloration comes from iron-zinc alloy layers in the wire and doesn't represent a failure of the pure zinc coating on the wire."

McCollum noted the researchers concluded that subjecting zinc-lined barbed wire to grass fires will now not in the reduction of its provider life or its corrosion resistance.

"So there may well be occasions the place they deserve to substitute the fence, however they mustn't instantly count on that the wire has to be completely replaced because of the grass hearth," he referred to.

citation: analyze suggests wildfire doesn't harm barbed wire (2017, March 17) retrieved 4 September 2019 from

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