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Galvanized Steel Wire ropeGalvanized Steel Wire rope

metal cable from the small Bethlehem steel Corp. plant here lifts the elevator in the Eiffel Tower, supports the roof of Madison square backyard, and forestalls jets after they land on plane carriers.

quickly the plant's leading product will suspend the mile-lengthy road deck of the ancient Brooklyn Bridge, a job plant officials hope will cause expanded bridge rehabilitation company for the enterprise's struggling Wire Rope Division.

The Lycoming County plant is making 500 tons of galvanized wire rope and connected fittings to "re-string" the Brooklyn Bridge as part of a two-12 months facelift for the 103-yr-historical constitution spanning the East River between big apple and Brooklyn. Shipments of the first lengths of cable are about to start.

Bridge cable is just a small segment of the wire rope company, in line with Barry Rhody, division president. but that might change because the nation's growing older bridges are slated for facelifts, and Rhody hopes good efficiency on the Brooklyn job will supply his division a great shot at more massive contracts.

The biggest markets for wire rope are mining, building and oil box equipment, he says. These activities at the moment are depressed, leaving the 450-employee Williamsport plant operating at simplest about fifty five % of means. a couple of hundred personnel are on layoff.

however, the plant isn't counted among the a number of Bethlehem steel Corp. operations which are dropping cash. Bethlehem steel does not reveal specific profit-loss figures for particular person facilities, however the Williamsport plant "sustains itself," says the 44-12 months-ancient Rhody, a Muhlenberg faculty graduate and former controller of the business's steel group. "It isn't a cash-losing operation."

Wire rope is a steel industry time period for the rope-like product frequently known as metal cable. Wire rope levels in thickness from 1/sixteenth of an inch, used for aircraft cable, to the 5 1/2 -inch-thick massive cable utilized in energy dredging gadget.

hot-rolled steel rod from the business's Sparrows element, Md., plant is "drawn" or stretched to 6 times its length. The ensuing wire is galvanized, or covered with zinc, and spun and twisted into seven-wire strands. Six of these strands are then spun and twisted again around a middle strand to make the so-called seven-via-seven cable that might be used for the bridge job.

The cable is pre-stretched on the plant to get rid of on-website sagging, and then is reduce to selected sizes mandatory on the bridge job. solid-steel eyelets are placed over the ends of the accomplished rope and molten zinc ispoured into the well of the eyelet to hang the fitting in region.

The cable being made by using Bethlehem metal can be attached to the suspension bridge's leading overhead support cable, which is not being changed, and to the bridge deck. In all, about 37 miles of Bethlehem wire rope may be used on the assignment.

Williamsport is one of a couple of Bethlehem steel places with labor agreements break away the leading United Steelworkers contract. through concessionary contracts in 1983 and 1984, union participants gave up a complete of $three per hour in wages and benefits, in response to Chip Gamble, president of USW native 2499.

Hourly laborers at Williamsport now "practically have parity" with business laborers at other plants coated by the grasp agreement, Gamble says, and labor family members in Williamsport are "good." Gamble's native has about 330 at work and 370 on layoff.

One subject that strained labor family members during the past can also floor again, besides the fact that children, because Rhody says he is still for the reason that the import of international wire rope products to round out his product line. One such product might be small plane cable and likely kinds of distinctiveness wire rope.

Union leaders threatened to protest the imports in 1984 when they learned that Bethlehem steel become contemplating the movement. Engaged in a troublesome anti- import crusade themselves, enterprise executives backed off and spoke of in July 1984 that purchasing Korean wire rope changed into no longer a consideration.

however Rhody now says this type of move would make decent feel. "the primary choice you're making is a sound enterprise determination," he says, "then you definitely should explain it to your work drive." Rhody is careful to assert that no rope has been imported, and no ultimate determination has been made.

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