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The Leatherman Free P2 is new for 2019. photo: Bob Smith/grough

cost: £ 250gCountry of manufacture: u . s . a .

This Leatherman multitool is part of the Free range the United States manufacturer unveiled this year.

The tools have been re-engineered to include new opening mechanisms and locking programs, plus an elastomer spring that Leatherman says will increase durability of the tool.

The P2 designation shows it has a pair of mixture pliers; the T2 collection is a multitool; and K2 series for knives. every model additionally is available in two patterns. The P sequence is the daddy of the collection, with the P4 having 21 tools and the P2, which we tested, two fewer.

The okay and T models have between eight and 12 tools.

The Leatherman P2 is terribly strong feeling and suggestions the scales at 250g, so it’s not the kind of issue you keep on your pocket on the off-chance you might need to make use of 1 of its equipment.

It feels well engineered too. Manufactured within the Portland, Oregon, Leatherman factory, the multitool makes use of chrome steel. There’s no wobble or unwarranted circulation in the equipment when they're deployed. The Free P2 comes with a 25-12 months guarantee.

but with all that great and American manufacture comes a beautiful eyewatering price. The Free P2 comes with a advised retail tag of greater than £a hundred and sixty, notwithstanding we’ve seen it for sale on-line for about £145 – still a lot of money.

so you’re going to wish to get lots of use out of your Free P2. It has 19 tools inbuilt to its 11cm x body: typical pliers; needlenose pliers; commonplace wire cutter; tough wire cutter; electrical crimper; wire stripper; combination knife blade; spring-action scissors, pack opener; axe; can opener; bottle opener; wood and metal file; phillips screwdriver; medium flat screwdriver; small flat screwdriver; additional-small screwdriver; a pry device; and a 25mm rule.

all of the tools except the pliers open from the outside of the casing, so there’s no need to open up the device to use them. instead of the traditional nail nick to unfold them from the case, there’s a sequence of cam-like lugs on the right of the main recess that, when pressed upwards with the thumb, pushes the equipment out of the case for you to then open completely.

this is a neat and less fussy option to unfold the particular person tools, which will also be executed with one hand if vital and avoids breaking your thumbnail attempting to get the preferred tool out of the casing. once utterly opened, each and every tool locks into place. To shut the device, a small lever on the casing has to be slid sideways to free the cam and allow closure.

The Leatherman multitool folds up right into a neat equipment. photograph: Bob Smith/grough

The P2 has a number of magnets in its case that preserve the tools closed when not in use, which is why it’s possible to push the equipment open with most effective a little power on the lugs. however be warned: preserve it faraway from your compass.

The spring-loaded scissors and the main knife blade, which has a (2½-inch) blade with straight and serrated sections, are each pulled out in frequent style, even though the recess commonly physique is generous and presented no difficulty in deploying them.

each of these lock in vicinity in the identical way because the different equipment. because of this, youngsters the blade is under the united kingdom’s three-inch restrict for carrying a knife in public, it will be classed as a lock knife and, if stopped in possession of the device in a public place, you can be anticipated to justify your explanation for carrying it.

So the Free P2 will probably be top-quality kept for your home device field or with the tenting gear shop if you’re heading out along with your tent or caravan. The Leatherman tool is fairly beefy and never light-weight, in spite of everything, so isn't the variety of factor you would be prone to have to your pocket ‘just in case’.

The pliers are accessed by using opening up the two leading casing handles and folding them back. The pretty long handles of the P2 supply decent buy when using either the lengthy-nose or common pliers. This unit additionally incorporates both-category cutters for wire, the blades of that are replaceable in the event that they become blunt. The crimping device for electrical connectors also sits simply under the pivot for the pliers’ jaws.

The jaws don’t lock in their deployed position wholly, just like the other equipment, however there’s a semi-friction place that stops them over-opening however allows folding lower back to shut if apply a little drive.

The magnetised elements labored well in keeping the tools closed yet enable the pliers to be flicked open with one hand if, as an instance, you need to maintain cling of what you’re engaged on.

There’s a removable pocket or belt clip on the backyard of the casing and the Leatherman Free P2 also comes with a tricky nylon sheath with a belt loop.

The P2 has lots of the tools you’re likely to want in normal circumstance at domestic or on the campsite. The pliers labored very smartly and were as handy to use as a stand-by myself device.

The other tools labored smartly too, notwithstanding the screwdriver blades are a bit of extra awkward than a standard one since the blades are a bit of offset from the centre of the device so want a little bit of apply to get a clean action.

The P2 has most of the equipment you might be more likely to want on camp or even at domestic. picture: Bob Smith/grough

The pry device was very effective for levering off lids and we discovered the blade next advantageous for reducing into the complicated plastic packaging every thing looks to be sealed into at the moment. The awl really doubles because the very small screwdriver so, instead of a spike at its end, it has a 2mm-wide blade to provide a gap.

We find having a pair of scissors on camp a good suggestion too, so the addition of the spring-loaded ones within the P2 were welcome and, with the pretty long casing, quite convenient to make use of.

The leading knife blade changed into very sharp and easily big enough for all our needs, mainly on camp.

the novel design of the device openings makes it very easy to make use of and saves doubtlessly broken nails when deploying them from the casing.

The Free P2 was the top-quality manufactured multitool we’ve used and its first-class turned into correct-notch, which is mirrored in the price of the Leatherman device.

efficiency: 25/30Features: 26/30Ease of use: 18/20Quality: 9/10Value for cash: 5/10Total: eighty three/one hundred

extra details are on the Leatherman site.

Leatherman is disbursed within the UK by using Whitby & Co, who offered the Free P2 to grough.

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